Are you ready to invest in your home? Floors add value to the property. So this requires the perfect floor. Do you want the floor to be functional or geared to the décor of the house? At B&B Carpet, we can bring you all the types of flooring there is and still not break the budget. We are a flooring store in Doniphan, NE.

Your wants and needs

At B&B Carpet, we listen to what you want and need from your flooring. We understand that you have a vision for each room and are looking for the same flooring. We can meet those needs. First, we need to ask some questions.

Are you looking for a soft surface? If you are, then carpeting is for you. It offers noise reduction, comfort, and heat retention. Think of sinking your toes into a soft carpet after a long day at work! There are several fibers to choose from: nylon, polyester, triexta, and wool. It can make your home a comfortable retreat at the end of the day.

Are you looking for something that lasts a long time? If you are, then tile, stonework, or hardwood may be what you want. Hardwood adds traditional elegance to your home. The stonework and tile give it lasting durability that never needs replacing. They are both not hard to maintain and look beautiful wherever you put them.

Are you looking for waterproof and elegant floors? Then luxury vinyl may be the choice. It offers stunning visuals, fantastic durability, and unbeatable waterproofing. You may want to try laminate, so ask for laminate waterproof as well. Both can be installed relatively easily and quickly add beauty and elegance to your kitchen, bath, laundry room, or hallways, or foyers.

When you need the right flooring, B&B Carpet is your trusted source for quality flooring. We have a showroom in Doniphan, NE. We also serve Doniphan, Hastings, Aurora, Hall County, Hamilton County, and Adams County, NE. Let us and our trained staff help you find the exact floor that you want for your home. Our flooring company is here to meet your every need for a beautiful floor.