Some carpeting has been known to last for almost 20 years. That depends, however, on many factors, including quality, care, and installation.

Everyone wants a carpet that looks great and performs well for a long time. So here are some of our suggestions to increase its lifespan.

Routine care

Vacuum regularly. Remove beater (agitator bars), especially in rugs with softer fibers like Berber or other styles.

It is done once or twice a week. Sand and dirt are sharp and can fray the fibers of a soft surface floor covering, so you want to get rid of them.

Also, wipe spills immediately, so they don't set and placemats strategically, especially at entrances. Finally, have people remove their shoes if it's not too awkward.

Rearrange furniture from time to time. This lessens the effects of compaction.

Why is professional cleaning necessary if I vacuum?

We hear this question all the time! Vacuuming gets the surface dirt.

Anything that remains gets trapped in the fibers. So they stay there until they get scrubbed out.

Also, many warranties require it. So be sure to check yours when you're in our carpet store.

Good carpet padding: a necessity

This protects the carpet from the bare floor and the foot traffic on top of it! Without padding, the backing will fray, and the carpet will be loose and wrinkly.

Padding also insulates sound and temperature. It blocks drafts and gives that bouncy, cushioned feeling underfoot.

Not all padding is suitable for all carpeting, so ask the flooring expert about the best one for your choice. Don't just accept whatever is thrown into the bag.

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