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Accurate flooring dimensions that prevent ordering incorrect quantities

It may seem simple to just stretch out a tape measure, but accurately measuring a room can be difficult without our free in-home measurement service

Before installing new flooring in your home, you must know how much flooring product to purchase, and that’s best accomplished with B&B Carpet free in-home measurement service. We offer this service because we understand just how important it is to get these measurements right, as well as how often homeowners get them wrong. Accurate measurements are essential to ordering the correct quantity of flooring product, so that you don’t end up with too little and delay project completion.

Accurate measurements are necessary

It may sound like an easy thing to do, but if the measurements aren’t exactly right, it could delay the job and cost you more money as well. Not every room in your home is the same size. Moreover, they are not always perfectly square or rectangular either. Then there are the closet floors. They need to be measured as well.

While each room that you want new flooring installed in needs to be measured correctly to ensure enough material is ordered for the job, B&B Carpet always orders about 5% more than actually needed to account for waste. This is particularly important in the event that you plan to install the same flooring product in several rooms. We also measure the flooring areas in your closets, underneath your appliances and in your entrance ways, as these areas must also be included in the total product order. The B&B Carpet professionals, who will be measuring your rooms during our free in-home measurement, won’t overlook these small areas. Finally, if you’ll be installing hardwood or laminate flooring, we will have to take transitions into consideration as well.

When measuring your room, B&B Carpet specialists must get the correct size without rounding down the measurements. To arrive at the accurate dimensions of your room, we will multiply the length by the width to determine the square footage. As previously mentioned, we have to add at least an extra 5 percent of the square footage to accommodate waste. Furthermore, since most flooring material is sold in square feet, we take home measurements in square footage as well. This makes it a snap to order the correct quantity of new flooring.

We are pleased offer our free in-home measurement service to residents in Hall, Hamilton, and Adams County areas, as well as those in the cities of Hastings or Aurora, Nebraska. Call us, e-mail us or stop by our Doniphan, NE showroom at your convenience to discuss and arrange for your free in-home measurement services with one of our friendly and helpful flooring consultants.