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Professional results for with every type of flooring product

Our licensed and insured installers have many years of on-site experience for the proper installation of hardwood, carpet, tile, laminate, vinyl, and much more.

B&B Carpet believes that every quality flooring product deserves professional installation. Your new floors will look better, last much longer and cost you less when the work is done properly. We know this first-hand, because we have often been called in to correct the mistakes made by inexperienced installers and do-it-yourselfers who had no previous experience.

When you choose B&B Carpet professionals to handle the installation your new floors, you can count on getting beautiful, durable and long-lasting results. Bad installations lead to wasted time and money resulting from damage, repairs and replacement costs. Professional preparation is generally recommended by flooring product dealers and manufacturers in addition to the installation because:

  • Different floor coverings require different installation methods - Some flooring products require special preparation. For example, hardwood flooring materials must remain in the installation site for a minimum of 72 hours prior to being attached to the sub-floor. This period of acclimation will permit the materials to absorb moisture and thereby prevent warping. Natural stone like marble also requires proper preparation and treatment to prevent loose tiles and better resist staining.

  • Faster project completion - On the average, it can take days longer than you expect if your flooring is installed by inexperienced workers. No homeowner wants to have to take additional time off from work or school. On schedule installation also lets your family begin using those rooms sooner when the project is completed on time.

  • It saves you money - Floor covering manufacturers and dealers almost never recommend DIY installation simply because it is usually not done properly. In addition, it may cost you more to correct mistakes that have occurred due to lack of experience.

  • B&B Carpet supplies new flooring products and professional installation services for homeowners in Hall, Hamilton and Adams counties, and also in the cities of Hastings and Aurora, Nebraska. If you need additional information, phone us, e-mail us , or drop by our showroom in Doniphan, NE to discuss your interest in new flooring installation with one of our experienced flooring specialists.