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Rug Binding


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Rug binding gives new life to carpet remnants at affordable cost

Our rug binding service makes left over carpet remnants useful as beautiful new area rugs and is also a low cost way to repair your frayed or damaged carpets

B&B Carpet rug binding experts will make your carpet remnants into attractive new area rugs. We offer fast, professional-quality work at affordable prices to homeowners in Hall, Hamilton and Adams counties, as well as in the cities of Hastings and Aurora, Nebraska. Our flooring specialists pay an unusual attention to detail, thanks to their years of flooring industry experience. They use the right techniques to make stunning improvements to your home’s interior design scheme using affordable new area rugs.

How we use rug binding?

In the rug binding process, a new edge is placed on carpet remnants left over from an earlier installation. Many homeowners have unused carpeting remaining after they install new carpeting in their residences. Throwing these remnants away, especially when they are costly luxury materials such as wool, would be wasting a chance to have beautiful new area rugs at much lower cost than buying new ones at a local retailer. Rug binding is a fast, affordable way to obtain custom floor coverings that many homeowners no nothing about.

How rug binding works

Rug binding employs a cloth tape that is sewn on along the edge of the carpet with a special sewing machine. B&B Carpet can match this tape to your rug, or we can use a different, but still compatible color or contrast.

Serging is another way to bind without using tape as the rug’s edge finish. For this process, the edges are first reinforced and then bound with a sewing machine stitch. This is the preferred binding method if you wish to have a new fringe attached to your rug.

When is rug binding needed?

There are a number of circumstances where rug binding is the best repair choice. These include:

  • To use carpet remnants to create custom area rugs that will protect your new carpet in high-wear areas, such as those in front of couches, down hallways, or even under your pet’s bed. In fact, any carpet that has raw edges can be restored using any binding method that you prefer. Carpet remnants can be easily turned into great mats for use around the home, garage or basement.

  • To repair rugs with small damage or frayed edges so that they look like new again, merely by rebinding their outside edges. Or, turn a large area rug that you love into several smaller rugs.

  • To eliminate stained areas by trimming off the stained area and having the edge rebound.

  • To attach existing rugs of different sizes and shapes, and then adding a new binding for a low cost alternative to buying a brand new carpet.

  • B&B Carpet will be happy to discuss our rug binding services with you at any convenient time. Phone us, e-mail us, or stop in at our showroom in Doniphan, NE to discuss your interest in rug binding with one of our experienced professionals.